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Barcelona by Bike

bici la vanguardia

(Photo: Cycling around Barcelona. Did you know that there were absolutely no cycle lanes in Barcelona until 1990?)

Unlike other European capitals where use of the bicycle is highly popular (Amsterdam, Berlin or Copenhagen, for example), Barcelona is a city without a great cycling tradition but one where this mode of transport has been gaining popularity over the last three decades. However, the first cycle lane in Barcelona did not arrive without controversy. On 15 July 1983, a group of cyclists gathered at the corner of Paseo de Gràcia and Provenza and drew a cycle lane which they christened as a “pirate lane”. At the time, the City Council defended a position that stated bicycles were vehicles used for recreational purposes but not for transportation. It was not until 13 October 1990 that Mayor Pasqual Maragall officially opened the first cycle lane in Barcelona – on Avenida Diagonal and measuring three kilometres. Barcelona was about to host the Olympic Games in only two years and there was a great need to open up to Europe and eco-friendly modes of transport.

Currently, Barcelona has a cycle grid of more than 180 kilometres and nobody can question the need to foster and encourage its daily use any longer. In fact, Barcelona has had its Bicing service since March 2007, which allows bicycles to be used to cross the city from one side to the other by paying an annual fee of 47 euros. For those Bicing users who have a smartphone, we recommend the corresponding app that can be downloaded via the website or from Google Play. The app contains information on the bicycle stations and their availability.

Due to its proximity to the Sierra de Collserola Mountains, Barcelona is also a city for the enjoyment of mounting biking as a leisure and sports activity. There are many routes to be found on websites like this one, but Tradel Barcelona would like to recommend one in particular: the Carretera de la Aigües. It is a flat route with excellent views of Barcelona and sufficient length so as to enjoy a complete physical workout or even a family outing (suitable for children). The easiest way to get there is to hop on one of the Ferrocarriles Catalanes trains with your bike and get off at Peu del Funicular»>Peu del Funicular. There you can take the cable car that goes up to Vallvidrera but get off at the middle stop (Carretera de les Aigües).

bicleta Tradel

Tourists and visitors can also enjoy Barcelona on two wheels by making the most of the pleasant temperatures to explore on bike even during most of the winter. We recommend the company Barcelona Bici, which rents bicycles by the hour or by the day at a price of 15 euros/day. It has seven pick up & drop off points throughout the city and more information can be found on its website in Catalan, Castellano, English, French and Italian. If what you’re looking for is a guided tour to discover various hidden corners of the city with a guide and on a bicycle, you shouldn’t miss out on the tour that will take you to 20 place around Barcelona, including the Sagrada Familia, the beaches and the Paseo de Gràcia.

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