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The Five Hottest Hipster Bars in the Gracia District

gorilla bar

Hipster fashion has become increasingly popular in Barcelona, even though this specific trend is known for being rather anti-fashion and having a particular penchant for independent and alternative cultural expressions. Whatever the case may be, it is true that the movement has seen its ranks fill with new recruits and has transformed several of the city’s bars into genuine command centres for local hipsterism. Vintage clothes, unconventional hair styles, organic food and some of the most innovative cocktails around characterise the vibe at numerous bars where the hipster attitude is mixed with a real interest in culture and a critical view of the world. In this blog post by Tradel Barcelona – Sworn and Technical Translators, we recommend some of the most hipster bars in the Gracia district of the Catalan capital.

Heliogábal. It could be said that Heliogábal is the source of all hipsterism in the Gracia district. This bar on C/ Ramón y Cajal has been open for 15 years and was originally promoted by a cultural association with a mission to promote small-format music and poetry projects. Its small stage has been the birthplace for some of the most important benchmark groups in Catalonia in recent years, such as Manel and The New Raemon. Live music is played from Wednesday to Saturday and you will often find some of the most active underground artists in the city between its walls.

El Vinilo. Of all the hipster bars in the district, this is perhaps the quietest. Even when this place is crowded, the general atmosphere here is one where patrons can enjoy high-quality music while holding a relaxed conversation. Perhaps the only exception to this rule would be on a Friday or Saturday night. El Vinilo is promoted by Jordi Lanuza, lead member of the band Inspira – another benchmark in the most cutting-edge music scene of the Catalan capital. An old jukebox and a décor that features soft lighting, sofas and wooden tables are the hallmarks of a bar that can be found only a stone’s throw from the central Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia.

Gorilla. Opened recently, this new bar on Torrent de l’Olla has everything it needs to become one of the hottest destinations for the hipster crowd in Barcelona for having a drink, a good brunch or weekend vermouth. Unlike other similar bars, Gorilla opens at 08:00 in the morning to serve breakfast and lunch with exquisite hamburgers and sandwiches that boast some intense and daring flavours. Decorated in shades of white and other light colours, and clearly aimed at offering a bright atmosphere, this space is perfect for observing the latest trends from the movement in terms of clothing, hair styles and tattoos.

Velcro Bar. Small, cosy and with a superb cocktail menu. This is Velcro Bar, which you will find on C/Vallfogona offering a great bar area and sofas in another seating area for those seeking to relax. The metallic lighting and projector immerse its patrons in a modern, almost digital, atmosphere while they enjoy a mainly electro music selection. The Moscow Mule is one of its most famous drinks, a mixture of vodka with ginger ale and a few other secret ingredients that will reveal the most refreshing side of the most popular alcoholic beverage in countries where Russia still holds a strong influence.

Bobby Gin. If there is one cocktail that has been a fashionable part of the night-life in Barcelona for many years, that would be the gin and tonic. There is a real community of people who love this drink and who have gradually specialised over time by trying the various varieties and even learning the art of mixing gin themselves to invent their own creations at home. This is why Bobby Gin has become the bar of bars for the best gin and tonic in Gracia, with a gracefully cultured atmosphere and décor and a reputation for the best gins in the district. The bar’s promoter, Alberto Pizarro, was considered the best barman in Spain in 2011 and his name is synonymous with quality for a bar where people often have to book a table if they want to sit down. As it says on the walls: “God save the Gin”.


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