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Tradel Barcelona collaborates with Fundació Privada Festa Major de Gràcia

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We are very happy to announce that Tradel Barcelona – Technical and Sworn Translators is working with the Fundació Privada Festa Major de Gràcia and that this collaboration will lead to a new section in the official festival programme. As a result, the official guide to the most important celebrations on the Catalan summer festive calendar in 2015 will include a page dedicated to translations. The texts – written and translated by the team of translators at Tradel Barcelona – offer useful information to visitors in Spanish, English and French. We believe it is important for the foreign citizens who visit the Gràcia district to know the origins and basic features of this tradition, and for them to understand the importance of respecting the decorations created by local residents to adorn their streets. Furthermore, the page contains a small dictionary with the translation of key words in Catalan so readers who do not speak the language can understand the main activities in the programme. This is the first time that the official programme for the Gràcia Festival includes information in other languages besides Catalan and Tradel Barcelona is genuinely pleased to be working with entities and organisations in its local area.

The official programme for the Gràcia Festival can be found for free on the Internet and a hard copy version is available at the price of 1 euro. All proceeds will be used to help the local residents’ associations maintain this tradition. More and more tourists visit Barcelona between 15 and 21 August to experience the magic of the Gràcia Festival for themselves. However, the steps taken to communicate with these visitors have been rather limited… until now. “The Gràcia Festival has been enjoyed by tourists for many years, and that is the reality. For this reason, it is important to catch up with the times and explain the celebrations they are visiting in their own language so they can enjoy and respect them”, explains Elena Lanza, Director of Tradel Barcelona. The integration of foreign visitors into such a traditional event as the Gràcia Festival must include the building of communication bridges that will surely become stronger and stronger in the future. We at Tradel Barcelona are especially proud to be laying one of the first stones for the building of those bridges by the Fundació Privada Festa Major de Gràcia, the entity currently responsible for organising the 200-year-old celebration.


Tradel Barcelona – Sworn and Technical Translators

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