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The top 10 apps for getting about in Barcelona


You can’t really say you know a city until you are comfortable with its transport networks. However, because we often visit cities on work or pleasure trips for only a few days or even just a few hours, the people at Tradel Barcelona – Traductores Jurados have decided to show you a few of the most useful smartphone apps to help you get around major cities. This first list contains the top 10 apps for getting to grips with transport in Barcelona. [To download these apps, just enter the text in bold into Google Play on your phone and they should appear as the first result from the search]

  • TMB APP. The official app by Transport Metropolitans de Barcelona for getting yourself around on the metro. Timetables, transfers and a GPS showing the nearest metro stations to your current location make this app a very useful tool for anyone visiting Barcelona.
  • FGC. This is the official app by Ferrocarrils Catalans de la Generalitat, the trains travelling between the Catalan regional capital and the areas further inland. Just like the TMB app, this one also offers up-to-date information on timetables and routes.
  • Cercanías Barcelona. To complete the set of railway and metro apps, this one offers all the information about the suburban trains operated by RENFE on routes between northern, southern and inland Catalonia and Barcelona.
  • AMB Temps Bus. The main advantage of this app is that, besides giving you a GPS location and showing you the nearest bus stops, it offers real-time information on how long you will need to wait for the next bus.
  • Bus Nit Barcelona. Very similar to the previous app but aimed at users of the nocturnal bus network that runs throughout the city between 22:00 and 05:00.
  • Bus Turístic Virtual. This app has been created for visitors to the city who want to explore the major monuments of Barcelona and the most popular areas by travelling on the tourist bus. It offers information on the various routes and points of interest.
  • Info Tram. Barcelona has had a network of trams for ten years, connecting the metropolitan area of the regional capital to the city centre. The Info Tram app offers all the information you need on where the trams can take you and their timetables.
  • MyTaxi. If you need to get around Barcelona by taxi, the best option is to download this app that allows you to order a taxi, pay over the Internet and receive information on the location and details of the driver on their way to pick you up.
  • Carril Bici Barcelona. This app provides comprehensive information on the network of dedicated cycle lanes that have sprung up all over Barcelona in recent years. The perfect way not to get lost!
  • Barcelona Aeropuerto. Finally, if you are arriving or leaving Barcelona via the El Prat Airport, this app will provide information on all the flights and a guide on all the services available at Barcelona’s airport.

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